Hannah’s First Year at Due North Creatives

Hannah has been with us as a Digital Content Creator for a whole year now! We took the opportunity to sit down with Hannah to find out everything she gets up to in and outside of work.

Happy one year anniversary Hannah!

Thank you. I actually cannot believe it’s been a year! It’s one of those weird ones where it’s been a quick year, but because everyone in the team was so welcoming and I fitted in nicely it feels like I’ve been part of the Due North team for forever.

What is your job title and duties?

I am a digital content creator here at Due North Creatives. My role involves providing content to a wide range of clients for both digital and print, such as social media graphics, website design, graphic design, photography and videography.

What attracted you to apply for the job?

After I was made redundant from my previous role in content creation, I had been applying for lots of jobs in the industry but didn’t find anything that fitted me. I had actually already started a new job when Amanda slid into my Linkedin DMs asking if I wanted to apply for the job that Due North Creatives were advertising.

Once I read the job description I knew this was the career for me! The opportunity to use all my photography and graphic design skills while learning new skills was something to be desired. It looked like the perfect environment for me to grow personally and professionally, plus the team looked so friendly and fun (and I can now confirm that is true!)

LinkedIn wasn’t a social platform I used often, so I am just so glad that I checked it that day when I got Amanda’s message.

Were you nervous before you started?

I had my interview during lockdown, so I was no stranger to a Zoom call. However, with any interview there are always a few nerves, probably more so with this one as I knew it was a job I really wanted. Although I think I must have been nervous as I remember getting ready for the interview video call and putting on perfume! How silly! Smell-a-vision doesn’t exist (yet!) – no one was going to be able to smell me!

What did you do the morning of your first day?

I don’t think I slept particularly well the night before as I had the usual panic before anything important of “what if my alarm doesn’t go off and I sleep in!”, thankfully that wasn’t the case.

On my first day, I met Amanda at The Playhouse in Montrose. I hadn’t driven through to Montrose very often, so I left in plenty of time to get down there from Aberdeen. The long drive gave me the perfect opportunity to blast my favourite playlist and sing at the top of my lungs, which is a normal driving habit – I think I was probably listening to either my country playlist or classic 80s rock. I love music and singing, which is why you normally hear me before you see me.

Is there a typical day for you or is every day different?

No two days are the same, which I absolutely LOVE. There is so much variety in this job whether it’s the different clients we work with, or the type of projects, I could be designing a brochure one day and undertaking a photoshoot the next. Although one thing always remains the same, when I’m working from work from home – I’ll be in my joggers!

I’ve also loved learning all about our clients – did you know that alpacas smell like butter popcorn? And I can confirm they are just as soft and fluffy as they look!

From photographing on a very windy quayside to petting alpacas – I really have been introduced to a vast amount of industries.

What have you loved about the job so far?

How long have you got?

There are so many reasons why I love my job, but the main ones are the fabulous people that I work with from nerding over some new design feature we’ve found with Ross or having live commentary texts with Cat during Wimbledon (we were working too Amanda, promise!) – I can always rely on anyone in the team for help, advice or just a good natter.

I also love the freedom and trust that Amanda has for us all, working from home is a bit like being your own boss, you have to keep yourself motivated and be in charge of your own timekeeping.

The flexibility is great though to be able to nip out for an appointment, to pick up my Tesco shop, or even do a workout in the afternoon, as long as I do my hours and get my work done. Perhaps the only downside about working from home is how close I am to the kitchen!

What has been your funniest moment at DNC so far?

Honestly, everyday with the DNC team is a great laugh. I remember, I had not long started, and I was doing coverage of the annual Rugby 7s tournament at Lathallan School with Ross and Amanda. Near the end of the tournament the heavens opened! Rain and a camera do not mix well, and unfortunately there was nowhere to take cover without missing all the action. So thinking on our feet, Ross and I both had the exact same idea and immediately popped up our umbrellas, and did a bit of DIY to strap it to our chests so we could both still capture the matches. And of course Amanda managed to capture our fashion masterpiece. I think in that moment, having only been in the job about a month, I had realised what great, fun and down to earth people I was working with.

I also love our team days where we do some forward planning for the business in the morning and then have some fun in the afternoon. It is always a great laugh when we all get together. For one of our previous team days I switched my work from home joggers for a wetsuit and the team went down to Dundee to participate in the Wild Shore water obstacle course. I don’t think I stopped laughing from start to finish. I used to watch Total Wipeout on TV and thought it looked easy! Let me tell you, it is not! I was sliding all over the place, but what a laugh!

If money was no object, what would you do all day?

That’s a tough one! I think I would buy a classic VW campervan, I’ve always wanted one, and completely convert it – really jazz it up. At the moment I only have the Lego model version, so not quite there yet!

I’d then travel around the UK in it with my camera photographing our picturesque views. Oh and of course document it all on social media, I am a content creator after all!

You mentioned you love singing. If we were to find you in a karaoke bar, what would you be singing?

Love the sound of this – next team day?

My top 3 songs would be Somebody to Love by Queen (although I need backing singers for this one, any takers?), Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall and When You’re Good To Mama from Chicago. Well that’s the ones I belt out most in my kitchen when cooking, I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate me! Click here for a video….kidding!

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very young, I really wanted to be a diver at Deep Sea World! Apparently I wanted to feed the fish and sharks. I am throughly glad I didn’t pursue that dream. Diver at Deep Sea World to Digital Content Creator – what a career change!

What motivates you?

I have a love for learning, I am always looking for ways to enhance my skillset. Being better than I was yesterday will always motivate me to keep learning and improving. I always want to try new things, so when I was given the opportunity to design my first WordPress website for a local football club I jumped at the chance. It was a lot to take in as I was learning along the way, but I absolutely loved the challenge and can’t wait to get stuck into more website designs. 

I have absolutely loved my first year at DNC. I love meeting new people from different backgrounds so it has been great over the past year to get to know all of our clients in their variety of sectors. The Due North team have been absolutely wonderful since I started, it is such a supportive team that is really interested in my personal growth. I’m looking forward to continuing my creative career with Due North Creatives.

What’s that saying? “Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – well it’s safe to say I’ve done just that!

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