Does any of this feel familiar?

"I feel like I am dabbling in lots of marketing techniques but I'm not really sure if what I am doing is right. "

"I feel frustrated that I am constantly distracted by operations and never get a chance to work on marketing my business."

"I feel a bit embarrassed about my business just now as it is starting to look a bit outdated and it really doesn't show us off to our best."

"I have absolutely no idea where to begin..."

The answer is simple, all you need is someone to show you the way!


Due North is all about finding a clear pathway to results.

We do this by helping you to navigate the world of online & offline marketing so that you can accelerate your route to success. Your Due North.

We become part of your team, ensuring that the wheels keep turning and you move ever closer to your goals.

No matter how we support you our compass is set to your 'due north', keeping you right on track for success not only now but in the future too.


How would you like to get there?

From our base in Montrose, Angus, we help our clients achieve business success in three different ways:

We can teach you how to do it yourself, giving you strategic advice and practical support.

We can transform your business and give you fresh marketing foundations from which you can build on.

We can take care of on-going marketing requirements.



Grab a hold of these great free tools:

30 Day Social Media Calendar
Help kickstart your Social media with this easy-to-use schedule
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Google Business Simple Setup
Learn how to optimise your Google Business Listing
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DIY Graphic Design
The best free online design toolkit going is Canva – try it out!
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Book your Marketing MOT

Our 15 minute calibration exercise will give you a quick indication of how far your marketing has fallen off track.
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