Why your social media content might not be converting

You probably know why your social media is not converting, you just aren’t ready to face up to it! 

As business owners, we often treat social media like an admin task that must be done, but in order to convert strangers into followers and then again into sales, it needs to be so much more than that. 

Because it’s free, a lot of people think it is just something to do quickly every so often and just get on with their day.  The sales will then just roll in. 

Think about it though, when have you ever got anything in return for ‘free’?! 

Free might be the cost of the platform. 

But the cost is your time. When you spend more time, you invest more. When you invest more, you can expect to see more in return. 

How long honestly are you spending at the moment on your social media? 

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Task: Understanding why your social media content isn’t working

Take a look at the past 5 social media posts on your business page. 

When were they posted – dates, times?

Is there a picture or graphic?

What are they about?

How many likes/comments are there?

From the information gathered, take a moment to think about why your social media might not be working. 

All too often we get trapped in this circle posting the same sort of content, it  doesn’t engage with the audience but we keep on posting, because at least we are posting something right?!

The excuse people use to explain why their social media isn’t working

Most people like to blame the algorithms and while they will certainly help amplify your results, they cannot cure the biggest issue of all which is creating boring content that your audience isn’t interested in. 

Bland & boring doesn’t cut it! 

There is an ocean of information being scrolled through on a daily basis. Your posts need to somehow detract them away from seeing what their pals are up to. It needs to intrigue them enough to take action.

It needs to provide value.

How to create content that will convert 

1 – Get a clear idea of who your target client is

Stop trying to appeal to everyone at the same time. 

By trying to appeal to everyone you will stand out to no-one. It’s just not relevant enough. 

It’s like standing on the street corner with a megaphone hoping someone will take notice of you – really they are far more interested in getting to their destination, and they just think you are some annoying noise to bypass quickly! 

Take the time to identify your 2-3 ideal clients.

2 – Brainstorm social media topics for your ideal client 

Brianstorm social media topics – not just about your business, but the world in general. What else would they be searching for? Be helpful.

Imagine you are a big magnet trying to attract your customers in, what content do they want to read about? Think further back in the decision making process as well as just before purchase. 

For example, they might be looking at a new sofa but they are also likely doing up their living room – they might be interested in mood board colours, wallpaper samples, flooring…how can you help give them inspiration?

3 – Communicate these messages in a relatable and interesting way 

Photos, videos, graphics – think eye-catching.

Think of the old school newspapers – how can you stand out in that sea of information?  It needs to have a message that is relatable, intriguing and makes them feel something. 

On social media, the more personal it is the better it can cut through the noise. Generic, overly engineered posts often don’t work as it’s trying too hard. 

Just like in a networking environment, on social media it’s all about the small talk to warm people up and draw them in – that way, when you sell, they are really listening! 

4 – Tell the audience what to do next

On every post, try to think about the action you want the audience to make. It could be to engage on your post with a comment or give you a like. Or it could be something to move them further down the buyer’s decision such as watch this video, download this checklist, read more or even buy here! (on a blog/web page/shop listing).

If you don’t tell them what to do and make it easy for them, how can you expect them to know what to do?

5 – Talk back 

How would you feel if you spoke to someone at an event and they turned their back on you? 

Social media is a public forum that everyone can see. You not answering is that feeling multiplied. Not only that, but everyone else can see that you are not answering so they then don’t interact for fear of the same rejection! 

Social media is called that for a reason – it’s a two way street and in order to get the conversation going you need to engage yourself. 

If you are worried about it taking over your life, just put aside timed spells within a day to check in. Do the work and then get out again – that way you’ll avoid falling down the rabbit hole of scrolling!  

Summary – Why your social media content might not be converting 

Your social media is likely not converting for a number of reasons:

  • It’s not tailored to your ideal client
  • You are not taking the time to plan strategically
  • It is too bland and boring
  • You are not telling the audience what to do next
  • There’s a stoney silence when you don’t respond 

Take some time out to look at what you are posting and consider where you need to focus on improving. It does take time – it’s not a 2 minute admin job. With each post you publish, observe the reactions, fine-tune your posts and nurture your relationships. 

Social media marketing is not something to pick up every so often. Think of it as an on-going conversation with your audience, stop talking and they’ll soon move on to something else.

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