Power Hours

Power up your marketing, with an hour of focused marketing efforts.

Stop punishing yourself by thinking you have to know everything!

Yes, almost everything is available on the internet. But how long have you been reading, listening or watching all the advice available and are still no further forward in your quest for clarity?!

The internet is noisy and so much of it is now outdated when it comes to marketing, never mind the confusing overload of jargon!

Our aim at Due North is to provide straight-forward marketing advice that gives you a clear pathway to results.

Investing in a power hour is no sign of weakness, it is confident step forward to achieving your goals.
What can I use a power hour for?

It is likely you are in one of two positions...


You can’t see the wood for the trees and have no idea how to move forward. You’re worried about investing more of your time and money in the wrong area and getting little or no return.


You’re stuck and need some extra support on something technical or new that you haven’t done before.
Flexible appointments

Whatever you need us for you can get our undivided attention for a whole hour.

On top of that we’ll drop you a questionnaire in advance so that we can be prepared for your call. No time-consuming introductions, we’ll just get straight to the heart of the problem.


Each power hour costs £95
These can be done by Zoom video call or in person within a 25 mile radius of Montrose, Scotland (Must be pre-arranged to allow for driving-time).

Book Your Power Hour

Book via our scheduling app below, a confirmation email will then be sent with an introductory questionnaire to allow us to get to know your business in advance.

Not sure what you need?

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