Marketing MOT

Find quick wins and instant direction for your marketing.

As we operate in business it can be easy to drift off route. Our 15 minute calibration exercise will give you a quick indication of how far your marketing has fallen off track.

Have you been going round in circles, trying to figure out how to push forward growth in your business? Are you overwhelmed by the marketing information available and not sure how to reflect that into your business and what you should be doing first?

Rather than a load of generic marketing information, wouldn’t it be nice to get an outside perspective on where you as a business are at so that you can start to see clearer pathway to what needs done.

Using our Marketing MOT Service, we can start to point you in the right direction. In the 15 minute video we will discuss your website and two social media channels.


How the process works

1. You complete the information below

2. Marketing MOT Video is emailed to you within 3 working days

How much does it cost?
Nothing – it's on us.

What will be covered?


  • Aesthetics and initial visual impact
  • Navigation of the website
  • Content evaluation
  • Usability for customers
  • Social Media

  • Set up
  • Content evaluation
  • Visual impact
  • Image

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