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Social Media 30 Day Challenge

Do you struggle to know what to post on social media?

Does your business feed look like it is gathering dust rather than customers?

If that sounds like you, stop getting frustrated at yourself. It’s easy done with all the daily distractions. 

We’ve created a straightforward 30 day challenge so that you can prioritise social media. Following the daily prompts consistently will help you to build your audience and connect with people online.

You can play anytime, anywhere with any business. 

Take the theme each day to tell your audience about you or your business and then open up the post for engagement with a question back to the audience.

Remember social media is a two sided conversation.

Download a printable pdf 

Who can take part?

It is aimed at small businesses but anyone can get involved.

Hairdressers, retail shops, charities, tradesmen, professional services, restaurants –  don’t hold back from getting involved!

What have you got to lose? Even if you only manage a fortnight it will likely still be better than what you’ve got just now!

Why have we made it 30 days??

It is a month, it is long enough to create a habit but short enough to focus the mind and stay on track. Within this time you will also be able to see an impact on your engagement and following online.

How do you play along?

  1. Pick a social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) that most resonates with your target audience and follow the prompts each day for posting using  #yourduenorth within your post.
  2. Engage with other people in the challenge by searching the #yourduenorth and commenting and sharing their posts.

Good luck!

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