Group business coaching programme; the top 5 reasons why it could be good for your business

Group business coaching programmes – why bother?

Time is precious and like most business owners we would love to magic another day into the week that no-one knows about, so that we can catch up on our to do list. Clearly this is never going happen, therefore it is all about identifying our priorities.

In order to identify if a group coaching programme is a priority for you, it would be useful to understand the benefits so that you can decide if they are aligned with your bigger company aims.

Group Coaching for Local Businesses; 5 Reasons it will benefit your business.

#1 Network with other business owners

Just like typical networking events, group coaching allows you to meet new people and get to know their businesses. People buy from people; getting to know more local businesses encourages collaboration, awareness and most importantly referrals.  

#2 Increases Brainstorming Opportunities

Brain-stormingWith participants coming from all sorts of industries it allows you to get a fresh eyes perspective on your business. As a business owner it can feel like you are hitting your head against a wall somedays trying to be creative. Surrounding yourself with a group of like minded people can get rid of that feeling- saving you time; allowing you to thrive rather than be bogged down.

#3 Increased Accountability

Yay! You’re the boss! That means you answer to no-one…well apart from your customers.

Freedom from the network of hierarchy is often one of the reasons we leave employed status; however, we quickly learn that can leave us open to procrastination, distraction and generally just going round in circles without any real movement; particularly when it comes to working on our own business. As the client comes first right?

Don’t get me wrong, clients needs have to be met, however in order to accelerate growth in your business you need to put in the time working ‘on’ your business in order to move forward. Investing in a group coaching programme will hold you more accountable to marketing and business development actions.

#4 Helps you be more decisive

We can sometimes have a tendency to sit on decision making, waiting to see how things pan out. Think about how much time you waste in these situations. Working as a group you can put forward your dilemmas – be it marketing or just general small business issues and get other people’s perspectives which can help speed up your decision making.

#5 Accelerated learning

accelerate-learningLearning is not just consuming, it is about putting it into practice. By working in a group environment you not only learn from your own experiences but from other participants too. This can help you avoid these mistakes in future, therefore speeding up the process.

Often coming from different industries you will find that people will ask different questions depending on their perspective. This could be something you wouldn’t have even considered, therefore you are exposed to a wider perspective learning and how it can work in different contexts.

Group coaching for local businesses- why bother?


If you are feeling out of depth working with a coach can be a great way to push your business marketing forward.

If you are researching coaching programmes, you are likely looking for some guidance on how to move your business forward.

Why do it on you

Feeling out of your depth at times

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