Should I join a marketing coaching programme? 6 fears that are holding you back from growing your business

Friday comes around quickly as a business owner, and where before you would once leap for joy at the thought of the weekend, the reality is you now wonder where all the time is going; trying to squeeze any spare hours out of Saturday & Sunday in an attempt to get on top of your workload.

In addition to this, you feel like you are in a continuous balancing act, wanting to invest in marketing your business but worrying about committing too much and risking your cash flow if it doesn’t work.

As a business owner you have to weigh up the risks of each marketing investment and decide if you are confident enough to take them on.

6 fears that are holding you back from growing your business with the support of a marketing coach.

#1 Worrying that your peers and customers will see you as weak

As business owners, we often worry that people will think us weak if we ask for help. As if in the same moment of opening our businesses, we should have suddenly become an expert in everything business related. How else will you learn if you don’t ask for help from others

#2 Worrying that it will be like going back to school


If you hated school, i’m not surprised that you might feel daunted at the prospect of working with a coach for your business. Yes, there is a lesson to learn and homework to do; but the difference is you are passionate about growing a secure future for your business. Everyone on the course is there to learn, and going through the experience together you can lean on each other and have fun at the same time.  

#3 Concerned that you will not have the time to carry out the work required

It is so easy to get lost in the web of daily operations when running a business; be it managing suppliers, writing proposals, serving customers or providing the actual service. In short you need to decide which camp you want to be in; Outsource your marketing requirements and get the experts in while you continue as you are, or alternatively secure time in your diary to work on your business and learn how to do it yourself.

Not got the time but want to sort out your marketing ? Speak to us about our outsourced services including; blog writing, social media, brand transformation and video editing.  

#4 You might find it overwhelming or too simple

 For a lot of people having a coach isn’t just about new knowledge (although I’ll bet you will generate lots of new ideas and actions at each session). It is about accountability to move your business forward. With shared deadlines in place you will commit to actioning on promises; helping to accelerate growth in your business. 

#5 Worried that you might look daft in front of the coach and other participants


This is something a lot of people struggle with,  however you will probably find that when you ask for clarifications, other people will gladly learn from those answers too.

A learning environment should be one that is supportive, helping each other succeed and so you should not fear judgment from within the group environment. 

#6 The cost will not outweigh the benefits.


Before you invest in anything for your business, you should consider what would be the desired outcome. While financial outputs are important to consider, softer trackable results such as number of customer leads, increased social media following, improved google analytic results on your website etc can show that you are moving in the right direction.

What does this all mean?

If you are reading this document, it is highly likely that you are facing marketing roadblocks in your business for some reason or another as otherwise why would you be wasting your time reading this. As opposed to considering all the fears of signing up to a coaching programme, The question you should be asking yourself is ‘how many customers am I losing out on by not taking action on current marketing practices?’ 

As a business owner we are constantly facing situations where we feel out of depth. Just like any training programme, getting started is half the battle. Ignore the issues and continue to tread water in your business or invest the time and effort to accelerate your business forward.  

Still concerned? Book a call in my diary.

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