Group marketing coaching & individual marketing coaching; which is best? (Pros and cons)

If you’ve already held your hands up and recognised that you would like some marketing coaching support in your business, you are probably now trying to figure out if you’d like it in a one-to-one or group format.

Both have advantages and disadvantages it is about finding what works best for you.

Group Marketing Coaching – Advantages

Group-coaching#1 Increased accountability

You’re not just held accountable by the coach to make actions, but by the rest of the participants too.

#2 Increases your network of contacts and fosters teamwork

It is part of our human nature to want to help people you know and like to succeed. Over the 6 month period, you will get to know participants and their businesses really well. Not only will you benefit from the network within the programme, but also each participant’s network outside the programme.

#3 Make relationships for life

When you meet through common aims, and thrive together it is often a relationship that you treasure and hold dear. Running a small business can be a bumpy road and having trusted friends and peers to lean on is invaluable.

#4 Different perspectives

Team-buildingIn a group environment you benefit from different people’s opinions. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear, but it can help us address issues that we may be blind to. In addition depending on your expertise and background you will ask different questions and have different issues. By learning in a group you can accelerate learning through other peoples experiences. Working as a team you can brainstorm ideas, and bounce off each other.

#5 Lower Cost

Increased numbers, mean that you can benefit from a lower cost modelling. Although I would always say choose quality over cost, for a small business or start up costs can prevent growth. Having coaching at a more accessible price point will make it more attractive and achievable.

Individual Marketing Coaching – Advantages

Individual-coaching#1 It is designed for you.

One to one coaching means it is designed around you and your business. Meaning that you can identify goals and focus on the marketing elements that your business needs most.

#2 Privacy

Using an individual coaching service you will have the privacy to discuss sensitive business information and perhaps find it easier to let down your guard.

#3 No distraction from other participants

Conversations could go astray in a group coaching format, which could be frustrating if not managed properly. Individual coaching means that this is not a risk.

#4 Directly accountable 

As the programme is designed around you, the focus is on you to deliver. Being more directly accountable can push you to gain more traction quickly. No more hiding behind others, making excuses.  

#5 Coaching times can be more flexible

Flexible appointmentsAs there is only you and the coach to think about, it is usually easier to rearrange individual coachings session should the unexpected occur or you need to move things to suit your own clients.

Group Marketing Coaching- Disadvantages

#1 Different personality types

Different-personalitiesSometimes people just do not gel. Working in a group coaching environment you may find that you get frustrated by other personality types in the programme.

#2 Meetings are harder to move

Most group coaching programmes assign a routine date and time to meet; whether that is online or offline. When you join the programme you commit to that date and time, if you have a change in circumstances or you have holidays booked, you may have to forfeit your sessions

#3 Pace may be too fast/slow

With group coaching you will find that the subject taught tend to move at a set speed, aligned with the majority of the class. This can mean that at times you may feel subjects are moving too fast for you or too slow.  Make the most of any additional opportunities available to ask advice from the coach if you find yourself struggling or use the opportunity to reevaluate how you practice it in your business.

#4 Easy to hide behind others

Depending on how the sessions are facilitated, you can find that more outgoing personalities will dominate, causing the session to be directed far more in their direction. If you are an introverted person you may find it harder to raise your hand and let your voice be heard. It is important therefore to find a coach that will handle this and ensure an equal balance.

#5 Having to ask for help or share content in front of others

Sharing-contentA lot of people struggle with asking for help in a room full of peers; worried that they may look daft. It is important to find a group coaching environment where you feel secure and safe to share. It will help to personally accept that everyone is in a learning journey of their own; determined by their own strengths and weaknesses.  

Individual Marketing Coaching-  Disadvantages 

#1 It is more expensive

PaymentOne on one coaching is usually far more expensive than group coaching not only are you getting dedicated time with the coach; it is also tailored to your needs so additional work will be required from the trainer to devise the best sessions for your needs.

#2 No networking

There are no or few additional networking opportunities

As you are undertaking the sessions on your own with the marketing coach, there are no additional participants to share the experience with. This means you will have to find additional time in your diary to focus on this area too.

#3 The focus is purely on you and your business

Business-focussedThis can be seen as an advantage to some but also a disadvantage to others. If you struggle with confidence you may find it quite intimidating to be coached on a one to one basis; finding the direct nature a bit daunting.  

#4 Creative thinking may be limited by coach.

WIth individual coaching you are relying on the coaches background and experience to be inspired and to help brainstorm. This can limit your thinking and sometimes hold you back from thinking out of the box.

Group & Individual marketing coaching; which is best? (Pros and cons)

Both types of coaching can provide you with a step forward in your business, however each offer a slightly different learning experience.  If you are reflective in your approach and find yourself motivated by listening to other people’s experiences group coaching could be perfect for you, with the added bonus that you will grow your network at the same time. Alternatively if you find yourself distracted by others you may find individual coaching best, just be aware that the pricing can be more expensive.

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