Case Study:
Montrose Port Authority

We have been working with Montrose Port Authority since January 2020, helping them with everything from the design and build of their new website and managing social media, to ongoing PR support and brand management.

We spoke to Lynn Sayer, Business and Commercial Manager, about what brought them to us and why we work so well together.

“We previously used a large, predominantly oil and gas-focussed PR agency but, while they did a good job, we didn’t feel the fit was right for us as a trust port. Our story is primarily about the port community, wider economy and the community benefit we bring, rather than just being a profit generating business.

“Although we are, physically and metaphorically, in the heart of the town, I think the community saw us as a bit of a ‘closed shop’ and we didn’t integrate well into the area and that was one of the main reasons we looked to Amanda and the team for support.

“We wanted to break down the barriers which were stopping us being the integral part of the community we were supposed to be and really showcase the human stories within the port.”

“Although we are in the heart of the town, I think the community saw us as a bit of a ‘closed shop’ and we didn’t integrate well into the area – that was one of the main reasons we looked to Amanda and the team for support.

– Lynn Sayer

Montrose Port Authority's Website Transformation
Where it started

Montrose Port Authority already had an existing brand identity in place, but the messaging was vague and the website didn’t do enough to shout about the great work being done both by the Port itself, but also the businesses based within it.

One of our first tasks to undertake was for us to compose and build a new website which acted as both a marketing tool to attract business, but also as a way to engage with the wider community by sharing stories from within the port and of its history.

What the client had to say...

“We loved how they had managed to capture our brand essence on the website” Lynn continued “In the past we were occasionally overlooked due to our perceived size, however the new website really showcased how capable we are and how well connected to the transport network and business community the port is.

“What I think makes a huge difference is that Amanda, as a resident of Montrose, is a stakeholder in the port and as such has a vested interest in our success. The team is also well connected locally which has helped open doors into projects for us to support and engage with.

“At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, Due North also came up with the idea for a kids activity pack to engage with local young people about the work we do and also to give them something fun to do - it was a great success and really galvanised that community message for us.

Life at the port is never quiet! Due North have been there at every point to provide advice and proactive action in moments of crisis; while also creating regular engaging press-releases that keep us at the forefront of our key stakeholders minds.

“We really do feel like the Due North is part of our team, they know us well and as a team are very much aligned with our values. They have helped us become more confident about using our size and location as a strength, due to our ability to be more nimble and react quicker to client requirements than our competitors. Their ability to help us articulate this online has certainly helped us attract new enquiries”

Site performance stats
Jun – Sep 2019
Users: 3,207
Pageviews: 16,692
Bounce Rate: 54.5%
Jun – Sep 2020
Users: 6,145
Pageviews: 55,972
Bounce Rate: 11.2%

59% increase in visitors
143% increase in page views
83% decrease in bounce rate

"It has been a pleasure working with the Due North team, they make our life easier as they take the weight of our marketing communications- I know we can rely on them to be only a phone call away when we need them."

– Lynn Sayer

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