Break free from what is holding you back.

Deep inside every entrepreneur is the determination to succeed however, the roadblocks that feature along the way can lead us to falter.

You’ll have heard people say that “fortune favours the brave” but that does that mean that you have to fight the battle on your own?

At Due North we love a challenge, a true head scratcher that tests our creative backbone. We aim not for perfection as that stifles innovation. Instead we strive for consistency in performance focused on milestones along the way.

Just like the greatest superhero partnership Batman and Robin we are here for the long-haul, leading in you the right direction and providing support where needed.

The world of on and offline marketing is busy and distracting, we silence the noise so that you can see clearly where you need to go on your route to success. Your Due North.

Meet The Team


Amanda Inglis

Managing Director

Ross Coverdale

Creative Lead

Hannah Bisset

Creative & Digital Account Manager

Cat Mather

Marketing & Communications Account Manager

Christie Swinton

Marketing & Communications Account Executive

Monica Dunne

Creative & Digital Account Executive

Zoë Clark

Social Media & Content Specialist

Our Story so far...

Originally named Perceptive Growth, the business started back in 2016 providing outsourced marketing solutions to small businesses.
I wasn’t really sure what the business would become, or even if I would still be doing it now, I just knew I loved helping business owners to thrive through helping them with their marketing and business development.
Starting your own business is a huge step and all the confidence that you may have had as an employed member of staff is suddenly tested. Where once you might have asked a colleague’s perspective, you are now staring at a blank wall hoping that it will tell you what to do. Over the first two years I questioned myself so many times, going two steps forward one step back. My courage to keep driving forward coming from my clients who were telling me about their success stories “I’ve just had my best month ever” and “Sales have increased 25% this year” and of course my family and friends.
I had my second daughter at the end of 2017, and chose to bring in additional resources to help me continue the business that I had worked so hard to build. Ross & Vicky were complete assets to my team and I am delighted that they still put up with me now! Since then I have added to the team further with Andrea and we are on the lookout for another as we speak.

The Due North team are famed for their enthusiasm and a willingness to challenge boundaries further. With bucket loads of energy and a passion to drive growth in the local area we work in partnership with our clients to help them through the marketing roadblocks that are currently holding them back.

Recently, I faced the same dilemma many of my clients do; I had a brand and website I had outgrown and I needed to re-clarify our focus for moving forward. Hence, the birth of Due North Creatives. Not everyone needs a new business name but it felt like the right decision; I feel more confident now that our positioning is stronger and clearer to support the future growth of the business.

No matter how we support you, our compass is set to your DUE NORTH, keeping you right on track for success – not only now, but in the future too.

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