A New Beginning
A fresh start to marketing your business.

Your existing marketing has got you so far along with word of mouth, but sales have plateaued for the past wee while – or worse, they've decreased.

It has been getting you down. You know that refreshing it would have a direct impact on sales, but juggling your daily operations you just can’t see an easy route forward in getting it updated.

Having avoided it for a while, you are now worried about being left behind and you really want to be seen at the top of your game. But where the hell do you start?

It doesn’t need to be that difficult.

I mean imagine if a team of marketing specialists spent a bit of time with you, getting to know the business and brainstorming ideas.

That team then takes those ideas and turns them into a brand, a website – or in fact a complete marketing overhaul – coming back to you at certain milestones to check in, but essentially just getting on it.

Imagine if you could just focus on running the business knowing your marketing is being taken care of – how would that feel?
At Due North we can transform your brand and online presence so that you fall in love with your business again, full of energy and excitement.

You want to attract more leads

Your current marketing makes you feel sad and slightly embarrassed. It worked for a while, but now the competition has heated up and you've lost your confidence. You want to look fresh and attractive to your target audience, but you feel lost about where to begin.

Let us reassure you for a start, you’ve done nothing wrong - it is normal for you to outgrow a brand or a website. The important step is that you do something about it.

Whether you are just starting to scale up or have been trading for a long time. Just like fashion; what we wore as teenagers would look daft on us in our 40’s; not only because we’re older and wiser but fashion in general has evolved. In the world we now live in this is accelerated, so it's important to build a brand with the future in mind.

At Due North we will haul your brand and online presence out of the dark ages and give it new life.

And you want to convert more sales.

At the moment, potential customers are nursed along the buyer journey predominantly by yourself or one of your team members. They get in touch or walk into the shop, you tell them about the service or product and then hopefully that converts into a sale.

Woah there! I’ve got some bad news for you, the buyer journey has changed! You are not in the driver seat anymore, the customer is.

Let’s just think about it.

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday, do you just walk into the travel agent and chose one? I’d say unlikely, even if you have booked with them before.

Why? Because you’ll want to research ideas first. Why would you do that? Because you carry around the internet in your pocket. It is so accessible. Even if you’ve been given a recommendation, you’ll still pop online and check out the reviews, photos and social media so that you can validate the decision for yourself.

We do this all before speaking to the sales agent, for fear of falling prey to their sales tactics!

At Due North Creatives, we help business owners by creating a website that will appear in Google where your customers are looking for you.

Not only that, the content that we create will help them along their buyer journey so that when they do get in touch with you they are primed and ready to buy.

Our Brand Transformation Process

The team at Due North work as an outsourced marketing department combining their skills and expertise to elevate your business to the next level.

There are three different stages that you can engage our services at:

Brand Creation >
  • Logo Design
  • Key Messaging (Strapline, Vision and Mission Statements)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Design
  • And more!
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    Website Design >
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copy Writing
  • Photography
  • CMS Training
  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • And more!
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    Complete Overhaul >
    Includes everything in:
  • Brand Creation
  • Website Design
  • Plus:
  • Planning Workshop
  • Business Routemap
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Posting
  • Blog Writing
  • And more!
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