Straightforward marketing.
A clear pathway to results.

Straightforward marketing.
A clear pathway to results.

We help business owners navigate the world of online and offline marketing so that they can accelerate their route to success.
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A Roadmap For Business Growth

Guidance and practical support in the form of our Navigator Marketing Hub, Power Hours and workshops.


Our marketing team will engage with your audience and attract new leads through consistent content delivery.

A New Beginning

You want to keep moving forward, elevating your business to the next level. Our team will build you the marketing foundations on which to do it.
Do you feel like you are standing still?

NAVIGATOR is a marketing hub where local businesses can get affordable and practical advice on how to market their business well and get results.

Not only will you follow a structured marketing programme, you can get constant feedback, hear from business experts and get to know other local businesses.

Learn how to put yourself back in the driving seat and navigate the confusing world of marketing.


Who Are Due North?

It is easy to feel lost in the world of marketing. It feels busy, noisy and you always feel a few steps behind.

This means that you are constantly trying to play catch up with your competition, when really you need to be finding your own lane.

We make this feel effortless for business owners by helping them to take a step back so that they can find the right path, accelerating their journey to success.

Book your Marketing MOT

Our 15 minute calibration exercise will give you a quick indication of how far your marketing has fallen off track.
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